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“Tabeer” essentially means the manifestation of a dream. For an author, his book is a dream which blossoms and fructifies as a published book at the end of its journey. At Tabeer, we earnestly endeavour to co-participate in this dream fulfilment by facilitating the various steps of a book publishing, seamlessly and successfully.

Tabeer facilitates an honest and engaged bonding with its authors as collaborators and co-producers. We long and aspire to understand various customized requirements of every individual book as a precious and unique project and create tailor-made plans to make the best end product in the most pocket-friendly and urban ways. read more


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Book Publishing Process

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It gives me immense pleasure to write about M/S Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP) House. My two books "Life In Quotes " and "Surgery Struggle and Smile" are published by them. The herculean task of publication of both the books could not have been successful without the keen interest taken by Dr Pallavi Kwatra, who is just like my own daughter. When I get feedback from readers of my books, I feel so happy, that blessings pour from my heart spontaneously for Pallavi Beta. Indeed the printing is flawless and that too well in the time I wish the entire family of Tabeer Media and Publishing a very bright future.

Lal Chand Aggarwal ( Renowned Doctor & Published Author of 3 Books)

Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP) has been instrumental in getting my first book, The Phantom Paradox published. It was truly a wonderful experience, as all the stages involved in the creation of the novel were seamlessly handled; from the beginning till the end. Whenever I had a doubt or encountered any problem, Pallavi Aunty and her team were always there to encourage and help me.
However, this is not the end of my story. Recently, Pallavi Aunty and Neha Aunty came together to provide a space for teenage poets to share their creation. I contributed my poem and it was selected for Uncaged: A Teen Anthology. I was beyond delighted. The whole journey was very professional. All the poets were kept in the loop of the publishing process. Even the shipping was done during the COVID-19 lockdown. It was a huge effort, yet they were successful in making so many peoples' dreams come true!
In all, this platform is truly a blessing for every aspiring author to realise their aspirations. I wish Pallavi Aunty and Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP) all the very best!

Mehak Talwar ( Student & Author of The Phantom Paradox & Contributing author of Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

Collaborating with Pallavi Kwatra on our Holy Hiatus book was just that… a holy hiatus. What I found was so holy about the experience is that Pallavi to a look at each of my paintings and then allowed her spirit to create words to coincide with my images. Our project was a union of souls, a holy partnership, and I am ever grateful to Pallavi for introducing the idea of a book collaboration and then making this collaborative effort come true.

Suzette Boulais ( Artist & Author of The Holy Hiatus: An Anthology of word & art)

Thanks so much to Neha Gupta Ma'am and Pallavi Kwatra Ma'am for this amazing opportunity! I’m so happy to be part of this amazing book “Uncaged” along with 50 other amazing teen poets. Writing is truly a great passion of mine and I’m very grateful to you for providing me with this platform. Congrats to all the others involved in this journey. Hopefully, we all get many more awesome opportunities like this in the future.

Anmol Gupta ( Author at Uncaged: A Teenage Anthology)

Someone who wanted her poems to be in a book when she was a kid, made it happen for so many young hearts This is incredibly good! Gratitude and Salute to all the hard work behind making it happen.

Priyanka Puri ( Entrepreneur & Mother of Author Sara Maheshwari at Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

A stepping stone for someone who wants to be an author.Thank you so much, Neha Gupta and Pallavi Kwatra for this opportunity. And we appreciate all the efforts put in behind by you. Stay blessed always.

Deeipa Nischhal ( Life Coach, Healer & Mother of Author Disha Nischal at Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

Thank you so much, Neha Gupta and Pallavi Kwatra for this opportunity to all the teen authors. Appreciate all the efforts put in behind by you in bringing this book together. It's a pleasure reading all the poems published and makes us proud to see such awesome talent in our young authors. All the best for all your future endeavours. Hoping to be part of more such anthologies.

Shuchi Jain ( Mother of Author at Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

All the young poets are incredibly good....feels so good that Anoushka could be a part of it..this journey of her wouldn't have been possible without u Neha and Pallavi... thanks for this initiation & hope.

Namita Saxena ( Mother of Author Anoushka Saxena of Uncaged: The Teen Anthology)

It's soo amazing to see young writers getting such a great opportunity to showcase their talent... Who knows one day these little minds are gonna be the best writer this world will know... A big congratulations and all the best to all the authors and Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP).

Shubhi Aggarwal (Reader of Uncaged: The Teen Anthology)

So glad to be a part of this wonderful anthology .congratulations to everyone. Also thank you so much, ma'am, for giving us this wonderful opportunity.

Nishta Bhasin ( Author at Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

I received the 'uncaged' anthology and It is nice. Very thankful for the efforts Pallavi and Neha ma'am took to send these books during these tough times. Thank you so much for selecting my poem and for allowing me to illustrate the book. I would love to be a part of future projects.

Gaurav Patti ( Illustrator, Author at Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)

I am extremely grateful to Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP) that enthusiastically collaborated with me in my initiative of promoting the writing talent in teenagers. It has been a wonderful journey of editing, collaborating and working with Dr Pallavi Kwatra, the owner of Tabeer Publishing ( A Unit of Saans Solutions LLP) who was quite professional and dedicated in her work.

Dr Neha Gupta ( Entrepreneur, Blogger, Co-Author of Uncaged: A Teen Anthology)



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