A book goes through a whole grind before it becomes a palatable and polished piece of work. After your manuscript submission, here are the steps that the book follows its course:

1. Book Proofreading & Editing:

A hawk’s eye and immaculate literary Wikipedia is a must to edit or proofread a book. A book with grammatical errors can be a turn-off. Use Tabeer’s excellent, sharp and intricate editing tools for your precious work. We use web guided tools and also do manual checks on the draft over a couple of rounds to ensure no errors in grammar, punctuation and other striking defects. Thus, we ensure a well-drafted and error-free manuscript which is now ready to be book designed.

2. Book ISBN allotment:

The International Standard Book Number is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique. Publishers purchase ISBNs from an affiliate of the International/national ISBN Agency. An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition and variation of a publication. Tabeer Publishing will facilitate this for authors.

3. Book Layout & Designing:

Various components make a beautiful and sellable book. All content needs to be choreographed and laid out to the reader in the most palatable fashion and for this, Tabeer Publishing offers their intuitive and aesthetic sense to craft every book as a unique masterpiece in itself. We can suggest illustrations, graphics, epilogues, acknowledgement and more ideas specific to the book. At the end of this step, we have the ready blueprint of the book in printable and e-book versions as compatible files.

4. Book Cover Designing:

A book’s cover is its first point of contact with its author and therefore strikes an impact, inspiring or demoralizing its potential readers. Book cover designing done by talented web designers ensures comprehensive and intuitive idea inputs and can be coupled with customized image or ideas offered by authors. The resultant end product is a well-groomed and irresistible book cover that incites its readers to purchase and share the book.

5. Book Printing:

Customized On-Demand Print proposals can be curated which avoid blocking the author’s money into printed books. Only small requested numbered copies can also be processed. And bulk orders are also easily possible. This gives the author a choice to honour his pocket and avoid wastage of paper and cutting trees. Thus, At Tabeer; we respect and safeguard the interests of the author as well as our environment at the same time.

6. Amazon & Kindle Publishing:

Amazon CreateSpace and Kindle(KDP) offer a free space for authors to upload their books and ensure their availability worldwide in both paperback and Kindle formats. However, book formattings, uploadings and engaging in the process can be quite a tedious and time-consuming affair for any author. Tabeer Publishing will enable your book to be visible as a paperback and Kindle versions on approx 13 country-specific Amazon international platforms and enable their readers to purchase the book from anywhere across the world.

7. Branding & Marketing Author Solutions:

All authors need a comprehensive sales and marketing plan; even traditionally published authors assume some, if not most, of the responsibility for marketing and promoting their books. But to fully build an all-inclusive marketing strategy, the first thing needed is to first create a unique author brand.

An author biography is made up of his personality, interests, skills, and accomplishments (published books and other content). When combined, an author’s biography with his mission statement and social media presence, they create an author brand. This will help build trust in the author’s work, attracts new readers, build his fan base, and ultimately lead people to buy his books.

An author’s brand identity is a major part of what makes his buyers (in this case, readers) have trust in their work and their books. When people get to know an author’s name and have an interest in who they are, they'll be much more likely to take an interest in what they do and what they say; perhaps even enough interest to make them want to buy their books! In other words, an author brand helps sell books, and that's why it's so important for authors to create one.

At Tabeer Publishing, we can facilitate the author to build and augment his online presence by designing professional websites, digital marketing solutions, book apps, promotions on social networking platforms like Facebook, Google, Instagram etc and through the professional market survey, make suggestions on how to invest in digital marketing for augmenting sales and building business for the author.

8. Ala Carte Publishing assistance:

Ala carte services for authors like Book prefacing, book reviews, book cover designing, book layout & illustrations, manuscript conversion from a written document to MS WORD formats, posters and visiting card designing for author promotions, book formattings etc can also be made available.

Book reviews form an important platform from where the authors can get a huge leap for their books. An honest and professional book review can move the heart of a book lover and incite in him an inspiration to buy your book. It’s a worthy investment for any budding author to gather book reviews for his work. A preface is often a preamble for any book and is like an announcement of its potential to take you over. However, prefacing a book is a sensitive and mature art that only few can offer. We ensure creating archetype prefaces for each book uniquely.

Thus, Tabeer Publishings offer a one-stop, customizable and friendly solution to authors.