Ganesha & His 32 Forms

Ganesha & His 32 forms is a unique book on the beloved deity Ganesha. The book is a colorful treat to the reader who is keen to discover Ganesha in all meticulous details and devotion. With 400 pages of fully colored content and approx 60 colored images, the book envisages stories, offerings, rituals, myths, tales, temples, consorts, and all 32 forms of Ganesha in deep soulful and informative recordings. The 32 forms have never been described in so much detail before this and in so much celebration as they are in this book. May Ganesha bring opulence and blessings to all readers of this book!

Be Love

This book is a testimonial of how love was used as a channel for divine realization. The beloved though appears as a separate entity is a bridge between the soul self and its divine reflections. Through the medium of poetry and couplets, Dr. Pallavi Kwatra renders her heart naive to the brevity of love. This journey must land her to where it all began…her own HEART.
Dr. Pallavi’s life crystallized into an incarnation of grace when love became her guiding light and her spiritual insignia.Travel on to journey with her to the depths of your own heart and uncover its treasures in tenderness and awe.

In the Company of the 23rd Century

A young Lt Colonel ventures in a newly discovered 20th-century ship. The activity which starts as nature walk witnesses the adventurous transformation into a massive peace mission in the war-torn 23rd century. The ship and Colonel visit multiple interesting places on their way in various countries of Asia -Oceania. The book describes the effects of war and scientific advancements on the prevalent socioeconomic scenarios of the various regions. This Book deals with the emotions of humans in various situations and the reflections of war in the background. It reflects the liberation movement and human instincts, influenced by scientific advancements. It attempts to influence the interpretation of the scenarios as people's own perceptions and hence is bound to appeal to all generations.

Shambhavi : The Shakti Archetypes

Just by adding few more bucks, you can get Combo books on Shakti.
“Shambhavi” literally means the one who belongs to Shambhu or shiva .she is Shakti…shiva’s consort. Shakti is also the current of Kundalini that lies dormant at the base of the spine and ascends up through the sushmana (central energy column) to be in benevolent union with her Shiva at the sahastra chakra. She is the dynamic element in this coupling as Shiva is the sthira (still) one.

9 Months: From Involution to Evolution

Nine months: From involution to evolution is about a group of friends who get together from different parts of the world to try and find answers for questions that have been left unanswered for a long time. Intense discussions were held for over nine months which brought forth the age old wisdom, mixed with scientific ingredients and garnished with the practicality of modern times. This kaleidoscope of thoughts evolves into a perfect cocktail of scientific spiritualism. This book is for all the ‘dreamers’ and ‘seekers’ of this world. You are not alone in this journey.

The Holy Hiatus

THE HOLY HIATUS…An Anthology of Art & Word is a collection of 100 fusions of word and abstract art that finds its expression as a voice of the silent nothingness its author’s experience and channel through their artwork and written words. The work is inspired to be shared to trigger the reader to explore the abyss of one’s own true self where one exists as an immutable, ever-present void.
Suzette’s art blends and dissolves into Pallavi’s words and vice versa as they thread these compendiums into this book. The art and word mirror themselves on each other and hope to reveal the reader to one’s higher self.

Shiva Shakti Talks

The orgasmic maithuna (sacred sexual ritual of union) between the Inner Shakti and Shiva finds expression through these 112 set of talks between them. Enticing, illuminating and full of rasa….They bring the reader to be inspired to search with-in and have his own such interactions.
Free from the bigotry of duality, these talks are an impressum of the voices within us bringing us to new perceptions of a global and wholesome self that we essentially are. May you enjoy the Sambhoga!


Through the medium of images and couplet poetries, Dr Pallavi Kwatra adorns on herself an insignia of love…For her, there is no other god and nothing to stand for in life other than love…As the brand ambassador of this love, she has sewn up these shreds of inane words and imagery to cast the spell of love on all those who read this compilation.
NIYAAZ, essentially means an offering. Her whole being has been laid at the altar of love where she stands consumed. Ignite yourself to the same fire as you follow the beats of your heart. In this consumption, you will alight upon the much sought after Gods.

Musings of the awakening soul

The book is a photographic and poetical Sabbath of a spiritual seeker’s journey which takes him across landscapes of his own self, unfolding a new hue of colors and projections as he travels by. The various ecstasies, challenges, mystical experiences, dilemmas and realizations outburst from his persona at different points on his time line and make him eligible to become a wholesome and enlightened human being. Through 108 poems (each accompanied by a pictoral depiction), the book is a mirror for every seeker who can laze in these reflections and then allow his own discovery to unfold magically. The poems are classified under several headings to give a structure and flow to the projections.

When Silence Speaks

Beloved Bhagwan has been a forte for the self ever since my first encounter with the penetrating eyes of wisdom-compassion. He brings me to ground zero state of neutral nothingness and even though many connect to him in unique ways, for me; he has been the Heart incarnate. Out of his many famous quotations, I have made a humble endeavor to design 101 digital compositions and compile them here.
Om Namo Bhagwate Shree Ramanaya

Uncaged: A Teen Anthology

Uncaged is a collection of splendid poems from the fresh perspective of our dynamic youth. This book stands as a new platform of expression where talented youngsters have showcased their unique creative potential through the medium of poetry.


Sajda – The guru is an emblem of the quantum truth. Like a mirror, throwing one back at oneself, again and again…the guru is an antidote to delusion and illusion.
Sajda is a collection of 108 images and couplets that interweave in spirit and relay the various ways that a seeker perceives the guru. In a compilation of word and forms, Sajda is an offering of love and pure devotion.

Living in God's Love

The poems included in this book are selected from some 300 verses that came spontaneously to me from my conscious and unconscious interactions with Existence between 2015 and 2018. I have been sharing them mostly with my Facebook friends, with a few published in literary journals and literary supplements of newspapers. They don’t belong to or fall in any traditional genre of poetry but rather are natural expressions of my realizations about the Reality, my love for Creation and the created things and beings, my questions and feelings about and relationship with my own individual self, Nature, and the Cosmic/Universal Self, among other things, which, of course, include both human and divine love.

Surgery, Struggle and Smile

The real purpose of writing "Surgery, Struggle and Smile" is not only to highlight the struggles borne by Kiran during the long period of her severe illness but also to give an overview of the reasons and symptoms of all deadly diseases. This speaks a lot about her courage. I would also like to convey to the readers how all these diseases; especially cancer can be diagnosed at an early stage and the possible ways of a definitive treatment. There is no doubt that cancer can be treated completely if diagnosed in the first stage. Today people in our society are having many misconceptions about cancer, and my aim is to clarify these misconceptions. - Dr. Lal Chand Aggrawal

Life in Quotes

This book has been compiled by our mother, Smt. Kiran Aggarwal and our father, Dr. Lal Chand Aggarwal. It has been almost a year that our dear mother left us for the heavenly abode. Our mother’s high ideals and moral principles always set her apart. To be able to describe such a great soul is like attempting to fill an ocean into a bucket. She was not only our mother but also a friend, guide and teacher to us. Mom has left behind an indelible mark on us. In this vast existence, no one can ever take her place. Our parents, who have been voracious readers, have always set a high example of life and ideals for us. We have grown up listening to stories from them, full of wisdom and morals. These stories helped us shape our attitude towards life and fellow humans. This book presents some of the quotations that have been gathered by them over several years. We wish to present this assortment of quotes in the hope that these words will touch the readers in the same way they struck a chord with our parents.

The Phantom Paradox

Life is like a treasure; it is you who decides how to use the coins inside the chest! Nick Lendan is your typical ordinary teen, living in not so ordinary circumstances. One day, he unexpectedly comes face to face with Lily Archer, the beautiful singer of his favourite band, Wildflower Whispers. The twists that unfold, change his fate forever… Armeira, a country under a ruthless multinational military dictatorship. Raids are being carried out in every house. Despair and destruction loom large. The future seems bleak and dark. Every cloud has a silver lining, however in this situation it is impossible to find any…or is it? Enter Lahaar Aercox, the leader of a terrorist organization called The Black Phantom. What is his connection with Lily? What secret is he hiding? Most of all, why does he, a terrorist want to save Armeira from the clutches of policia? A flurry of events result in Nick being forced to seek the answers to these questions. Can he strategize and act fast? For now, not only his country, but also his very existence is at stake.

God by Chance

He was looking for something but he didn't know what it was. An innocent, inquisitive orphan goes through the journey of life not knowing that his presence in some people's lives will change everything about them and his own course of life. Unintentionally he becomes God to them................. God by chance.